With over 50 years of experience in judging, showing and breeding Irish Terriers, we pride ourselves in the quality of dogs we have been fortunate to have owned, showed and bred at Kerrykeel.

We have also had the pleasure over the years of owning and breeding some wonderful Irish Terriers, from Champion Gentleman Joe at Dehra, who was Best in Show at St Patrick’s Day Show in Dublin, Champion Tanya of Gabledown, Champion Kerrykeel Aisling, Champion Kerrykeel Orlaith, Champion Kerrykeel Ronan, Champion Kerrykeel Eoghan and some other wonderful dogs which have also come from our kennel.

In the pursuit of improving the profile of the breed, we have been fortunate to have also combined our lines with some of the top lines across the globe, creating some of the top performing dogs across Europe, but while always putting the health of the dog first and ensuring that the well being of the Irish Terriers is not only our first priority, but of those we come in contact with too. At Kerrykeel, our dogs are very important, so any decision to create a litter of Irish Terrier puppies is never taken lightly and always given great consideration and thought out well in advance.

The happiness of all our dogs is of paramount and the standard of which the breed is held will always be our focus. We have over the years been given the pleasure of sharing our home with many wonderful companions and it is this high standard and happy dog we wish to pass on to those willing to pursue and continue with the wonderful breed of Irish Terriers.

For those fortunate to call an Irish Terrier a part of their family, all of us at Kerrykeel will offer any support and advice to those seeking help in the care, nurture or trimming of their family pet.

Along with Irish Terriers, we have had the pleasure of sharing our home with some wonderful Whippets who have given us a huge amount of pleasure and joy.

The relationship that is built with a Whippet is one that will only strengthen through the years and not only with human companionship, but those lucky to have other dogs in their household too. Once you have a Whippet, you have a friend for life. They love people and being with other dogs and are easy to get on with, from their couch potato attitude when laying on the sofa in front of the fire, to their speed, focus and determination when out in the field, they will never fail to surprise and always bring a smile to your face.